About Us

A proud history of helping

1980 was a pretty momentous year. A team of young Olympians performed a miracle on ice and Dr. William Vitale formed Jason Pharmaceuticals. The new company began production of a meal replacement product under the name Medifast.

Under the guidance of CEO Bradley T. MacDonald, Medifast experienced extremely impressive growth, rising to more than $300 million in annual revenue. And in 2010, Medifast was named the #1 Small Company in America by Forbes magazine.

Today, Medifast is the brand recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980. But the success we’re most proud of isn’t found in accounting ledgers. It’s found in the glowing faces of the people whose lives we improve each and every day. That’s what it’s truly all about.

Mission and Values

Look around. We live in a world filled with oversized portions of sugary, salty convenience. As a result, our waistlines are growing while our health is deteriorating.

But here’s the good news. Medifast is dedicated to helping people take control of their health. If you need to lose weight, we offer products that help you lose weight quickly and effectively. And if you simply want to eat healthier, we offer healthful alternatives to other meals and snacks.

Poor health and obesity are both physical and emotional problems, and any client who comes to us for help will always be treated with dignity, care, and respect. That commitment also drives our dedication to evolve our product lines, while maintaining the highest quality at the fairest price. At Medifast, we will continually raise the bar in research, development, and innovation to create a healthier life for those who want to lose weight and eat better.

We are looking for driven, talented individuals who want a rewarding career in the health & wellness industry. If you want to make a difference in other people's lives, please review our current opportunities and apply to be part of our team!

Or if you prefer, you can simply submit your resume for general consideration.

Summary of Business Channels

By providing four unique support offerings, we can help customers wherever they are in their weight-loss or weight-management journey and provide healthy living tools for long-term wellness.


- Take Shape For Life

Take Shape For Life is a thriving, vibrant community of independent Health Coaches who provide support and personal encouragement to help clients reach and sustain a healthy weight, and adopt habits for a lifetime of health.


- Medifast Direct

Self-guided weight loss and weight management for the independent customer who prefers the convenience of online ordering. Medifast Direct also offers support through our client solutions center representatives, our social communities, and the availability of support from a nutrition team member.


- Medifast Weight Control Centers

Located in retail and business centers, Medifast Weight Control Centers offer structured programs to help customers achieve weight-loss and weight-management success. Counselors work with each member to provide nutritional and behavioral support based on the member’s personal needs.


- Medifast Medical Providers

Our Medical Providers are licensed health care providers who recommend the Medifast program through their practice and offer support to patients who use it. They trust Medifast to provide their patients with the highest quality weight loss and weight management solutions.